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And the Bullitt bullet order is in..

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I just called the Brass folks and placed our Clubs order for the Bullet keychains.
Last minute arrival D. Feldmeier was the last person to get his order to me.. Nothing like getting in AT the wire eh? :smile:
His was mailed to me on the 27th so if you mailed yours on or after the 27th, please, Please, PLEASE send me an immediate e-mail to [email protected] with your name, address and car # so I can get the amended order in.. I have until Monday to make any changes to the order.. After that your SOL until the next buy in which may be quite some time away.
I'd like to thank every one who put an order in and a special thank you to those of you who kicked in a little extra to help with the costs.
I'll post here as soon as I get a confirmation on when I can expect to recieve them so you'll know when to start looking. Hopefully we'll get these before X-mas, But NO promises!! :smile:
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What's the latest on these?
Thanks for the update, Nasty. Somehow, I missed his message post. With all the posts on here I can never stay caught up! I'm beginning to wonder when everyone has time to work or actually enjoy their cars, cuz it seems they are always on here!! :grin:
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