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One of the reasons I traded my 98 GT was the clunking rear end that the dealer said was normal backlash. 1300 miles on my Bullitt and it is developing the same noise. I read the post about the aliminum driveshaft that reduced his clunking. Interesting. I just had my 90 LX track car rear end rebuilt/overstuffed, I may just forget the warranty and have it set up right.

Does anybody know if my ex-98 GT T45 hurst shifter will fit the 3650? What about a 98 GT prochamber on a 2001 GT/Bullitt?

I also hear a whistle and a hiss that sounds sometimes like a vacuum leak and sometimes like an exhaust leak, I haven't had time to track it down. Anybody similiar?

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Bullitt4001, you will have to get a new shifter. Steeda has one for the TR-3650 for $169 and Pro 5 just released their TR-3650 shifter for $199. I have the Steeda but having used Pro 5 in the past I wish I had waited for their shifter. Also have the aluminum D/S. Highly recommend it. While it didn't eliminate the clunk it significantly reduced the sound of it.

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