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This isn't bragging rights. It's a v-6 for cryin out loud! But he started it...

I usually cruise the strip at night alone. Gives me time to think and correct my attitudes and adjust again to living so far away from known civilization. I mean hell! The people on this island, a majority of them, are barbarians! Anyhow, the nights here are usually clear. In the distance, you can see the oil rigs and the lights they shine are colorful and pretty. Somethings parents have posted on their refrigerator cause little Betty did her first paint job with a brush. The little blues and greens mixed with yellows and whites are quite... remarkable.

Anyways, I'm heading back from East Beach. Had to get my daily 100 mph + dosage but didn't. Heading home, when a car pulls up next to me. A TAURUS SHO!!! Oooooo.... aaaaa... These were the killer cars that would come harass me when I had my v-6. Such bastard things, especially with a 95 body. He pulls up hard and starts revving. Sadly, this car had been importized as you heard nothing but the buzz... Reminded me of something off of Fast and Furious. I thought what the hell, dropped the bad boy into 2nd and just hauled. He comes back and wants more. I opt to go into 3rd and do. Then he goes and I go. At first, I thought it would be an interesting race. But as soon as he got out of whatever gear he was in and I was heading toward 3500 rpms, it was all over as I all of a suddenly gained ground faster than the rpms were rising. Soon, shifting at a mild 5000, I was already 4 cars ahead of him. We proceed further down the sea wall, now going into open land when this jack ass jumps in front of me as if deliberately trying to get me to tag him. I said "HELL NO" and rode my brakes like they were meant to be.
We make a U turn and I wait for him. 3 honks and I punch the SOB and haul ass. He's way behind me. He comes up behind me after I slow down and wait for him and says he needs to drop off 4 other people that were with him. I agree but then say, let's go to Cherry hill. He follows as we make our way out there.
On the way, I run into an LT1 Camaro but he wouldn't run. We rolled about 35, I kept looking at him. I think he had his chick with him... Or he could've been gay. Who knows. He wouldn't run. Finally, we get there.
Round 1: He drops off his friends. We get off the hill and stop. I give the 3 honks and he jumps me. But that's it. Ooops! I left traction control on! hehehehe. Still, I pull away quickly and when I shift into 3rd, he's way behind me.
Round 2: Same thing. I take traction lok off. This time, hands down, he got blown away.


He was cool though so I didn't rag on him or anything.
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