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Another oil question

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I bought Motorcraft synthetic blend 5w-20 for my BULLITT now over a year ago, and never changed it. I know I probably should have, but only put just about 1,000 miles on it. Whats the deal with oil just sitting in the pan or in a sealed bottle going bad/shelf life? My question, is the oil in the bottle still good? Maybe I should go to a full synthetic because of my useage, what do you think?
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I use full synthetic Amsoil and change it once a year.
Full synthetic here, change twice a year no matter of mileage. New Oil in the bottles is fine. I got a great deal on some full synthetic oil and had several cases in storage for years. No problems.
Typically, you only get additive-flocing in oils that are both very high-viscosity (such as gear oil), and/or that have large amounts of additives in them. Usually it takes a few years for this to happen, though. And if you agitate those oils periodically, you can help prevent separation.

Other than precipitation, so long as it's kept in a sealed-container, and has no outside contamination (including air), oil is like water: it has no "shelf life".
Mobile 1 full synthetic once a year. Only drive about 1,500 miles/yr
Changed oil/filter today, at 3,198 mi. used 5 qts. of Motorcraft that I had may change to full synthetic next. About 5 qts. if the dip stick reads full thats good enough for me. I drove it today to get things warmed up it was a very nice day here, clear and warm for Jan. forecast said 65 deg. It sure was fun to get out and drive it again.
Thanks for the responses Ron
i change mine every 4k or 4 months whatevers first. i use 6 qt of mobile 1. i like to keep it fresh even if im under on miles because of hte moisture accumulating and its cheep insurance
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