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Another PRIMEDIA mag. gets cut..................

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I don't know,but I haven't seen MUSCLECAR REVIEW magazine out lately. They were owned by EMAP,then Primedia. They don't show the title on their website. That was a great mag and hope it's not gone. That's what has happened since one publishing house controls everything,in the name of profits!!!
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Man,that does SUCK! I will miss that magazine. Luckily,I have kept all my back issues,since they first published the magazine.
I think Musclecar Review,will come back,maybe under a new title/publisher,as the musclecar hobby is just to big not to have it's own magazine. Now who will cover those Pure Stock Shootouts??
HOLD THE PRESSES!!! The mag is coming back in May!!! Under the name of Musclecar Power. I will get the subscription info.
1 - 4 of 8 Posts
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