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Another PRIMEDIA mag. gets cut..................

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I don't know,but I haven't seen MUSCLECAR REVIEW magazine out lately. They were owned by EMAP,then Primedia. They don't show the title on their website. That was a great mag and hope it's not gone. That's what has happened since one publishing house controls everything,in the name of profits!!!
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Arghhh! Primedia sucks :mad: I can't believe they buy everything just to destroy it. Cleartastic, that takes some kind of nerve to send you some import/fwd rag to replace your magazine you paid good money for :mad:

Trust me, if you had ever talked to an emap/primedia employee, things would become very clear :lol: Last year I found an ad for a set of Aluminum Street Heats in an obscure place. I emailed the guy and he told me he was a writer or something for emap. Cool, I thought. He said they were bare and left over from one of the tests they had years ago at Super Ford. I told him I would take them. He said he would go dig them up that night. I called the next day and the guy is beating around the bush. He tells me the intake head is aluminum and the exhaust head is not. I'm like, WTF :???:

At this point I realize he doesn't know what the hell he is talking about and he may very well have something here. I call him back and he says they look just alike, but one is aluminum and the other looks just like it but has some rust on it. It's clear he has one aluminum High Port and one iron, obviously from a flow test or something :lol: Obviously, I don't need one of each, but he did offer to lower the price to $250 :grin: I should have gone and got them for that price, but I didn't. Just thought I'd share that with you so you can get a better idea of the brain trust that runs Primedia.
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