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Hello Mr. Lima, your note was passed along to me. (from Art Hyde )I would like assure you that this issue has been brought to our attention and we are in the process of implementing a solution to the problem. The ID label was selected as unique feature on Bullitt, it is intended to help authenticate "real" Bullitts from clones. In order to preclude easy duplication, we worked with a supplier to come up with a complex Hologram scheme that would be very difficult to reproduce. We also use an adhesive that would make the label very difficult (if not impossible) to remove with out damaging the label. None of these feature were demonstrated by using a "Metal" tag, which has many additional issues.

We understand how important this label is to our Bullitt customers and we will provide a solution that preserves our original intent. I expect we will be communicating and distributing the solution in the next few weeks.

Thank you for bringing this issue up to us and remaining patient as we wrap things up here.

********Original Note*************

Ford Bullitt ID Tags

As a new owner of a Ford Bullitt # 2627 and a member of the Bullitt Forum I wanted to mention that a lot of the Bullitt owners are not happy with the flimsy ID tag under the hood with our limited edition Bullit S/N. Some people have already reported it falling off or the ink fading or smearing. Is there anyway Ford could make up new id tags made of more substance ( like a metal label )and issue them to Bullitt purchasers or have the sellling dealers install them. I would appreciate any other ideas or some response. I'm sure you must have heard about this same issue from other Bullitt owners as well.

Thank you,
Frank Lima
[email protected]
Bullitt owner # 2627 from Montvale, New Jersey

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