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Mustang Late-Model Aptitude Test Answer Key
If you haven't taken the Mustang Late-Model Aptitude Test don't look here yet because these are the answers

You've taken a stab at the Mustang Late-Model Aptitude Test and now you want to find out how you did. Here ya go - the answers to your problems.

1. What size fuel injectors were factory installed on '87-'93 5.0 Mustangs?

A 19 lb/hr

2. What was the name of the concept car that predated the '03 Cobra by 10 years, but featured a roots-supercharged, intercooled, Four-Valve 4.6 under the hood?

C Mach III

3. What year did the Fox Mustang receive true dual exhaust?

C 1986

4. Who was acknowledged as the first man to run a 9-second pass at the Super Ford magazine 5.0 liter Shootout?

B Dave Lyall

5. When did the Fox Mustang first receive a third brake light?

B 1986

6. The first Steeda Mustangs were named after what storied road course?

D Sebring International Raceway

7. The '80-'81 Mustangs did not have a 5.0. What was the displacement of their optional V-8s?

A 4.2 liters

8. What racer drove his Mustang to an undefeated season in SCCA Trans Am?

B Tommy Kendall

9. Whose Fox Mustang graced BFGoodrich's early-'90s ad campaign?

D Lidio Iacobelli, of Alternative Auto

10. What year was the Mustang's sister car, the Fox Capri, produced without the ugly bubble hatch glass?

D 1982

11. What are the names of the upgraded audio systems in the '05 Mustang?

A Shaker

12. Bonus Question: What upgraded audio systems did those systems replace?

D Mach

13. Which one of these vehicles did not receive the SVT treatment?

D Ranger

14. What was the first commercially available, aftermarket aluminum cylinder head for the 5.0 Mustang?

D Trick Flow Street Heat

15. What was Ford Racing Performance Parts' original name?

B Ford Motorsport SVO

16. What's the name of the exclusive, optional Saleen paint named after Steve Saleen's wife?

B Lizstick Red, named after Liz Saleen

17. Who was the first racer to run a 9 in the NMRA's Real Street class?

D Robin Lawrence

18. What's the catch phrase Ford used to describe the styling of '99-'04 Mustangs?

B New Edge

19. What was the only production '79-'05 Mustang to receive a 351 Windsor?

B '95 Cobra R

20. Steve Grebeck built a Pro 5.0 car based on what ultra-rare tuner package in 1992?

A SAAC, produced in conjunction with the Shelby American Auto Club

21. What year did the Fox Mustang receive a five-speed transmission?

B 1983

22. Bonus Question: What was the name of the four-speed transmission that was still available when the five-speed was introduced?

C SROD, which stands for Single Rail Overdrive

23. The Bullitt Mustang received numerous improvements over the standard GT in 2001, and as such, it was rated by how many more horsepower than the GT?

A Five, Ford rated the GT at 260, while the Bullitt rated at 265.

24. What IHRA racer attempted to market a line of tuner Fox Mustangs?

C Ronnie Sox

25. Bonus Question: What was the ballistic name given to his cars?

D Shotgun Mustangs
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