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Anybody else got throwout bearing noise?

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Just noticed my throwout bearing is making some racket. Not a high pitch, but more of a dieseling sound when engaged. When you push the pedal, the noise goes away. At least I assume it's the throwout bearing.
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That sounds like what I am experiencing. Not much of a sound, very slight, but while sitting in neutral I can hear it. When I push the clutch in it goes away. I only have about 310 miles on it and it has been like this since new. I don't think it is a problem though. I hope not anyway.

DHG #4865
Noticed the same thing I think. I didn't really consider that it could be a problem. Metal against metal, now thats a problem...this I can live with.
Some noise is normal folks. All three of my sn-95's have it.
It may well have been there before, but I didn't notice. Thanks for the replies.
I have Bullitt #244 which now has 1,011 miles on it. My throwout bearing is making noise also. I dont think it is normal for it to be that loud. I had a 96 Gt, a 91 GT and a 87 GT and none of them nade noise. Great car but alot of little annoying quirks.

Mine has always done it. You may not notice it at first unless you are setting next to a wall and push in the clutch.
dhg 1994 has 6k miles , has that noise and has had it since day 1.. doesn't seem to be a problem though...
That is exactly what mine is doing. I figured that it might not be related to the throwout bearing because as Bob said when the clutch is pushed in there is no noise. Thanks for the info.
Bullitt 2276 has started having the same noise. Just rolled over the 1000 mile mark. The noise was just noticed last night.
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