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Anyone done a track event yet?

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Has anyone put a Bullitt on a road course yet? Leave the car stock? What tire pressures? What kind of rubber?

Does any of the Mustang Clubs put on Drivers Ed events? Club racing? I've run Porsches and BMW's in the past, not sure if I want to track the Bullitt (not crazy about the understeer), so I just wanted to see if anyone else has. Sorry for so many questions.
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Roushraven has had his on track for more than a few laps.

I had mine at Motorsport Ranch last week. So stock, it still has the factory air in the tires (at 32psi).

I never pushed it and is even started raining in the second session. Scared the crap out of me.

The Bullitt would make a fun tracker from stock. My only recommendation would be to invest in race brake pads and some cooling for them as well.

I grew up on the other side of the mountains in Kingsport. Enjoy the curves in the hills.

As track events in that area go-- its limited. You'd probably have a haul to either Road Atlanta or Summit Point.
Well, you're a long way from the mountains now! Actually, we have a lot of places to run- Charlotte, VIR re-opened in VA, a new track in SC called Carolina Motorsports Park (my favorite), Roebling Road. I liked Rockingham too, but it closed to clubs 3-4 years ago.

I'm using 34 in the front on the street, and it is helping a little with the push. 32 in the rear.
Mine will be on the track next month at Texas World Speedway.

I'll have to miss TWS :sad::(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(

I'm planning on MSR.

When I lived in Tennessee, it was the geological center of NASCAR. If there was a roadcourse under my house, I'd never hear of it. I had to make due with Dunlap and Centenary Roads. Old moonshine routes.
I am headed out to Summit Point again early next month to run the Bullitt again. I will get a set of pads before I go though. I have been through 2 sets of originals and the car has less than 4,000 miles on it
What is it about Mustang's eating brake pads? Years ago I had an instructor who drove a '93 Cobra, a car built for the old Firehawk series and had never seen street miles. He said he had to replace pads every third event! I put one set of front pads on a 993 that I tracked 7-8 times and 20,000 street miles. Does Pagid or Ferodo make pads for Mustangs?
Well it’s a somewhat heavy car and the brakes have to work pretty hard to keep up with it. That 993 that you were using, depending on what model it was had 4 piston calipers in the front with much bigger pads. I do a lot of track events with my 914 and I can go through a set of Pagids every weekend and that’s an 1,800 lb car as it sits now.
So, with new calipers that used larger pads, the wear would improve? I assume braking would too. My guess is if you went to four pistons, the master cylinder would need upgrading as well. Roush uses Alcan calipers (I think) but I also think they're pricy. Pads, on the other hand, are cheap.

How do you like the 914? A friend of mine in Mooresville, NC runs one. It's a mean autocross car, but a moving chicane on the big track due to its lack of motor.
Kinda off topic: haven't had the Bullitt on track yet but I run my 89 Saleen at Roebling, CMP, Summit and used to run on NASCAR speedways and Road Atlanta. I run mostly with CarGuys but a BMW, Porsche or in the case of CMP you can get on track cheaper if you are experienced and do not need an instructor. See for some info on who what when and where. For the fellows from Tennessee, this is kinda natural, that is the way we learned to drive. It's is a natural progression to take it to open track and let it all hang out. BTW, I use Performance Friction/Porterfields street and R4s and get excellent service but dirty wheels.
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