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From what I've read the Nitto's are good tires for drag racing but they're Veeeery soft tires. Any tire that will perform well on the dragstrip will have to be.. the tradeoff.. You end up with a yearly tire expenditure to replace them. These tend to be 10,000 mile tires with use. Soem people may get more or less it depends on how often you use them for their intended purpose.
If you are serious about drag racing and will do it with any regularity you'd be better served with a second set of drag slicks that you'd swap on at the track. Then just pick up a nice set of all purpose tires for everyday use. The Khumo's and some of the BF Goodrich's are very good. We used to get excellent performance out of the Pirelli's on my frineds old '86. Read the customer reviews at for some more info.
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