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Anyone planning on trying a pair of NITTO DRs?

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I was looking at the various sizes,and they have a 245-45-17 and a 275-40-17,for a nine inch wheel.
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I think the 275 will work fine on the stock wheels. That's probably what I will go with.
275/40 nitto will pushing the limit on a 17 X 8 rim. I've seen people run 'em, but it scares me everytime they're doing a burnout. I just keep thinking one's going to seperate from the rim. I'm not so sure the contact patch is going to be optimal either. Be careful with the air pressure too. Anything below 20psi (which is what you really need to do) and its going to be dicey.

I'm looking into some Weld rims and a MT ET street combo. I'll let everyone know how it turns out.
I have a set of AFS 17X10.5 that I used on my 99 Stang that I threw on my car a month ago and noticed a traction problem with the Yokohama tires I had on. So I repalced them with 315-35-17 Nitto DR's. The tires work great. Heat them puppies up and you can launch the car about 4500 rpm no problem.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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