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Anyone use the Dunlop Direzza Sport Z1-Star Spec. tires...?

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Have read they are as close to a street comp. tire you can get,short of a drag radial!
Priced at $139 each,in the 245x45x17 size at Tire Rack. They have great reviews.
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I have not run them but they are great tires. Do you have plans that involve using the grip that these provide?
Well,from the reviews I have read,they are the softest compound tire,that is not labled as a D.O.T. spec competition tire. Some have said they work as well as a Nitto Drag Radial.
Was thinking it would make a good sleeper high traction tire,on the rear,for street drags and all round use,like a Nitto. They are rated above the Potenza RE-0R1,which I have.
Sounds like a great tire. Not sure about replacing a Drag Radial but I suppose it is possible. These are on my short list of street tires for high performance driving. In fact they are #1 unless I find some of the other tires on sale.
Sorry to bring up an old thread, but I'm considering purchasing these tires soon as replacements for the gatorbacks. Has anyone else tried this on their Bullitt yet? I'd be using them for DD duty. Thanks!
Goodyear Eagles Gt

Mus408, getting GOODYEAR Eagles GT 255/40ZR-17 put on my '01 BULLITT wheels for my '05 V6 Auto this weekend
replacing the stock BULLITT GOODYEAR 245/45ZR-17

* the word is they at outstanding tires.

on your six ... DHG 1005

(click on photo to make bigger )


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A friend has then on his 04 GT. He said the difference was unbelievable. Great tire. I wouldn't expect a long life but you might get 15-20k depending on use.
I was only expecting about 15-20k out of any tire in the extreme summer category. The gatorbacks I'm replacing have only made it about 13k--and I've been rotating ~4k. I'm in between the Dunlops and Michelin PS2s. The Michelins are about $400 more total than the Dunlops, although reviews put the Star Specs as being a bit noisier. Thanks for the feedback!
Are the RE01R's still on sale at Tire Rack?
They are not on sale anymore. I was going to go with them, but I found out they can't be purchased. I've read great things about them though.
I picked up a set when they were on sale and they are sitting in the garage. The Star Specs are supposedly a better tire, btu I've seen test that say they go back and forth over which one is best. Either way I would have no reservations about going with the Star Spec BUT you should check out the new RE-11 first. Its new and grippy. That and the Kuhmo XS should be near R-Comp performance in a street tire. Just remember your are getting a VERY stiff sidewall in this category of tire and therefore the ride may be a little more harsh. If you are serious about ultimate grip and ultimate performance then these are your tires.
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