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Anyone using C&L 80mm MAS with a Vortech or ATI Procharger?

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Would like to hear from anyone that is using the C&L 80mm MAS with their s/c setup...preferably either a Procharger or the Vortech.

What type of tuning problems did you have?
What size injectors are you running?
What fuel pump are you using?

Thanks for your input in advance.
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I just added the C&L 80mm MAF kit to my Bullitt to remove the MAF restriction. Could you explain the specs for the "orange" sampling tube? According to my calculations the ratio or sampling tube area to total area should be 1:44 to mimic the stock setup. The sampling tube on my MAF is what came with it and the ratio is ~ 44:1. I have no idle or drivability issues. How is the "orange" one different? Thanks,

I'll be happy to answer your question but I'd really like an answer to the one I asked first. Seems like a lot of these threads can't maintain any "focus" and the topic wanders all over creation.

In deference to "your" question: The Orange Code Sample Tube has a slightly smaller port than the Black coded one. This, according to a technician at C&L, results in a slightly more aggressive response out of the Electronic Engine Controls. I changed to the Orange tube because my dyno results after adding the C&L were virtually identical except for the average HP increasing by 0.3 HP and average Torque went down slightly by 1.8 ft-lb. This could be attributable to the fact that the Atmospheric Pressure was about 0.5 inHg lower and the Air Inlet Temperature 12 degrees hotter than my previous dyno test. I know the dyno software is supposed to correct for most of this but just about every dyno operator will tell you that all of it cannot be corrected out.

I haven't had a chance to re-dyno since changing to the Orange Tube but responsiveness by "SOTP" seems quicker and I have picked up another mph through my little marked off quarter mile. :wink:

Now...can anyone answer "my" original question; the topic of this thread?

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Thanks for answering my question. The reason I ask it is because after adding my 80mm C&L, my SOTP meter tells me that either my power/torque has remained the same or may have even dropped. My calculations show that the ratio of areas is identical to the stock MAF but that the restriction is removed opening the bottleneck to match the TB flow area. What this means is that the programmed air/fuel/load map in the PCM should still be accurate. I actually don't expect too much gain from this until...........I supercharge my car. I'm thinking of going with either a twin-screw or centrifical blower sometime next spring and have made the exhaust/intake mods thoughtfully to support that effort. That is why I intially read this thread. I hope that someone knowledgable can answer it. You may want to post it over at and Good luck and thanks for answering my question!

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Okay People...
Let me try to rephrase my question. "What MAF Sensor are YOU using with YOUR S/C Setup." Please list MAF Make & Size, Injector Size, Boost Level, Make of S/C Kit and if running Intercooled or not.

I'm planning on either a Vortec or ATI S/C kit being installed on my BULLITT this February. That's why I'm wanting to get some of the details ironed out.


Dyno'd Factory Stock @ 1525 Miles...
235 RWHP and 279 RWTRQ

C&L 80mm MAS with Orange Sampling Tube.
Running AMSOIL 5w-20 Synthetic in the engine.
Making preps to add a Vortech 10 psi Intercooled S/C Kit.

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680, this isn't on my Bullitt, but my 98 Cobra:

I've been running a ProM77 (sc calibrated for 36lb injs), lucas 38lb injs, stock pulley vortech strim, houston performance 4" power pipe, no inter/after cooler, and an autologic wide-band tune by Houston Performance.

I've had this exact same setup for almost three years. SAE 450rwhp on about 9 psi (maybe sneaks to 10 if the weather is cold). Car has run flawless and the showroom stock block is alive and well.
Didn't do a darn thing with mine. Stock MAF with the Vortech kit.

Are you running the 8 psi Kit or the 10 psi Kit with Vortech's Power-Cooler? Did you have any tuning problems or was the A/F ratio okay from the start. How about the Chip that Vortech supplies...any problems there or did you have to have any reburns done to get it right?

Power levels? Have you had a dyno? I'm curious. At what RPM does the power really start to come on?

I'm running the 8/9 psi without the cooler. I'm not having any probs with the A/F mix but I have a third chip coming to try to eliminate the detonation I'm getting at around 5000 RPM and 6 pounds of boost. They can't seem to get the timing dialed in right, they must just bump it down a degree at a time or something, hell I don't know but it gets frustrating not being able to use the full power after spending 5 grand on the mod. The good thing is once you send them your computer once, you don't have to send it again, they just send chips to exchange. Power seems to start being noticable, realistically around 3 grand from my SOTP meter. Once they get it dialed in I'm taking it to Brothers Performance to get it dynoed and I'll let you know what it does.


Jay, Irvine CA
True Blue #4660
Vortech supercharged / Steeda Tri-Ax / Ford alum D/S / 30mm wheel spacer / Xenon rear spoiler / Powerslot rotors & Hawk HPS pads / MGW interior

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Looks like you've helped me to make up my mind and put off supercharging my Bullitt.

I'm going to stick to N/A mods and at least I won't have as much worry about frying pistons and breaking ring lands.

Thanks for your help.
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