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Hey Everyone,

A friend of mine that belongs to Wildhorses Mustang Club invited me, as well as anyone else that wants to join, on a cruise to Neptunes up in Malibu on Sat., April 9th. For those that don't know, Neptunes is a popular food hang-out located on the coast in Malibu where other car/bike enthusiasts often go.

Click here for the details of the trip. They're meeting at an In-N-Out near the Speedzone we went to a few months back, and then headed up the PCH to Neptunes.

So, if you're interested in cruising with several other Mustangs of all years and models up the coast of Cali., let me know. It should be fun... Besides, we need to make them jealous for not owning the best Mustang out there. :smile:

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