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Are nice cars like our Bullitt really worth it?

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Interesting thought I was having today. For those of us who have or have had little POS's in our many of you think that frankly driving was a lot more fun with them than with our nice cars. Don't get me wrong, I love driving my Bullitt..but it gets really old worrying whether some punk kid or some ancient elder driving a cadie is going to run in to me and hurt #1853. Most of the time (especially when I drive to the college for classes) I take my POS to prevent me from being worried all the time. I had just commented on another post regarding door dings..when it dawned on me that 95% of the people out there have POSs and don't give a rip about other people's nice cars. Frankly, if those people get a dent..who F' cares in their book. But to us that is a Holey sacralage to touch our car with anything except TLC. Thus, I won't ask how many people love their Bullitts since we all do, or we would not be on this site..but how many of you guys and gals out there are worried sick most of the time you are driving your bullitt. Yes, I know it is just a car..but no one here can deny that this particular car takes on a certain special quality that we all are a little protective of. Hope to hear from some of you. Thanks again.

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2 of my pride and joys are my Bullitt and my 91 FXSTC.....but my daily driver is an "expendible" Chevy truck. I feel the same way--I love my nice vehicles, but the POS's are more relaxing to park or drive in traffic!

I am also very protective with my Bullitt. I always park far away from other cars and I always take up two (or more) spots even though no other cars are around it. I don't drive to bad places like the Wal-Mart parking lot, because as you say, door dings in large parking lots are horrible. Someone driving a bad car won't care if they door ding yours. Don't know, I am just protective of it!
I'm sure your talking about a second hand car. What does POS stand for? Piece Of s%$t?

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I always worry, but it's just so much fun to drive my Bullitt. Driving anything else just isn't as much fun.
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I hear ya.I always try to stay away the possible door denters. The thing I worry about most is being hit from behind at a stop.Almost every good car I've owned it's
happened to.Had a monte SS,hit once at a stop, I didn't have time to put the
new stripe on the rear bumper,another jerk
hit me again.
I bought this car so I could quit worrying about driving my Classic to work.
I also park as far away as possible, I would NEVER take up two spaces, because I know how that p*sses people off.
I worry about being hit, but I try to be cautious.
Funny thing though...after years of working on the '69, I bought this one figuring it would be easier to fix if damaged, since the parts are all new, and hopefully easy to get.
Now that I've owned it for a few months, fallen head over heals, I'm wondering if I've gotten myself right back where I started! Afraid to drive it on the streets...
BUT, it's my daily driver, so I have no choice...I no longer have any POS's to back me I have to drive it, love it, and WATCH MY BACK/FRONT/SIDE at all times!!!
I still enjoy driving my POS '88 Ranger and squeezing into some lame parking spot to make the Porche next to me nervous. But, I won't swing my junker's doors into someone else's fine ride.
I park mine at work where nobody can park next to it.I go out of my way to protect it.The first door ding is always the worst one. :smile:
Let’s see Piece Of Siding, Piece Of Sandwich, hmmm, Party Out Side, am I even getting close?
My POS is 1984 F150 4x4 with new paint and a new 351W. p*sses me off even when moorons screw with it.... Better it than 1007
Anyone ever hear the Adam Sandler song "Piece of S#[email protected] Car"? Look at it this way, take care of it but enjoy it as long as you can. :smile:
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I park mine at work where nobody can park next to it. I go out of my way to protect it.The first door ding is always the worst one. :smile: </BLOCKQUOTE></FONT></TD></TR><TR><TD><HR></TD></TR></TABLE>
When we were in Frankfort, Ky. some woman in a sh*tbox Geo Metro pulled into the parking space next to me, looked straight at me as I was sitting in the Bullitt and opened her door into mine and proceeded to empty her ash tray on the ground. :sad:

Needless to say I went into a verbal tirade about her whacking my door. No damage, thank God. I chewed her ass up one side and down the other and she still thought it was no big deal. :evil:

She changed her tune when I started dialing my cell and told her I was reporting her to the cops for dumping her ash tray on the ground. I was only bluffing, but it was funny when she got down on her knees and started picking up cigarette butts. :lol:


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To be honest I don't worry anymore. I just drive it and enjoy. I don't intentionally park away from everyone, though I will try not to park next to a POS. Lifes to short to worry yourself to death over a door ding. IMO if all you do is worry when driving then it's not worth it, sell it and get something else. Of course that's just my opinion I am probably wrong.:smile:
Here here 127bull...we could be dead a minute from now...I should worry about a car?
Besides driving it is up in the top 3 or 4 pleasures in my life.
I agree with the original the person who started this thread. My POS is an 86 BMW 325. I would tell you the mileage, except that the speedo stopped working 6 months ago at around 284,000 miles. It looks like crap, but still runs well and gets decent mileage. My commute is 25 miles each way, and we have two plants 17 miles apart. I have to be at both plants every day. One of our plants is located in a rougher neighborhood. In fact, we have had cars stolen from the parking lot in the past. If I drove the Bullitt, I would worry. Also, when I driving to and from work, I generally do not notice the surroundings. I am thinking of traffic and work. In short, I wouldn't be an enjoyable drive anyways, so why use-up the Bullitt when I can sit in a perfectly capable POS and save the Bullitt for those times when I can "smell the roses." Take care ya'll.

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