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Aren't you supposed to shoot a horse with a broken leg?

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Well it appears that Webmaster Bullitt can officially make the Bullitt Boneyard. Unfortunately it appears as though mine will be the first one buried. Black Bullitt #929 was involved in a large accident yesterday at 3:30 pm in Decatur IL. I was following one of my friends and had a passenger, a guy I had just met. I was on 51 South turning left when we realized that the road we wanted to turn onto was shut down to to resurfacing. So we had to make a U Turn to go back to a previous street. The guy I was following made it fine. I waited for 1 car to clear and then had about 50-75 yards between me and an oncoming GMC Yukon. plenty of time to clear, especially since he was in the near lane and I wanted to be in the far. Well, I made the turn with the traction control off, my front tires stayed on the pavement and the rear tires hit the gravel. The back end kicks out and my car ends up sitting sideways in the Northbound lane. To make a long story short from this point I looked over my shoulder and had no time to recover. The guy never slowed down and plows into my front drivers side fender at roughly 50 mph. I spun around fast enough to hit the back end of my car on the back end of his before he cleared me and the truck rolled over on its side. I walked away from it and he escaped with a laceration on his left arm from scraping on the shattered drivers front window of the Yukon. Now my car sits at a repair shop 300 miles away with roughly $9000 in damage. And I was just gonna buy a beater next week to drive around instead of the Bullitt. Now I don't know if it is worth it to fix it. I will surely stay on these boards as I love the car and I was one of the first 100 people here. But I fear my input from this point on might be from a spectators perspective.
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I am so sorry for you. At least you and the other person are okay, but man, that just plain bites.

I'm starting to think the Bullitt is cursed (kidding -- I hope).
Lok, 1st i'm glad you're OK. i know the afteraffect feeling of a large accident sucks so take care the next few days
2nd, you've been around since the early BON days and i for one would hate to see you NOT around. any chance your insurance company might do a "total" and youcould start searching ASAP for a new Bullitt???
there are some pretty incredible finance rates and rebates right now on 01 GT's
i hope you can work this out Lok. you're a valuable member!

that really bites. I hope things turn out, and maybe you can get one of the last ones out there if you can settle w/ your insurance in time. I hate to burst your bubble, but I saw the hit-and-run Bullitt here in Tempe, and that car is pretty messed up. Also, that one may not get fixed while our lawyer friend is in jail for his felonious actions.

Upside, your accident won't land you behind bars.

I'll apologize ahead of time if my sarcasm offens. Hopefully Lok is able to recover something.
Man that's scary, I drive on 51 every day, though in Bloomington and not Decatur (Decatur sucks btw). I'm glad you are ok! I hate loose gravel (and wet roads).

IF they do total it, there are 4 available in the area that I know of...though you might buy it elsewhere.

2 in clinton (green and black)
1 in Champaign (black) but Hill Ford suck
and 1 black one somewhere else that I'm blanking on...I can find out though.
I hate to be morbid, but you should post pictures on here. I think it would make even more of an impact on us (and better appreciate your loss dude).


I wonder if your sticker is still in one piece? :wink:

Seriously Lok, that really bites, however, I'm glad to hear that you were able to walk away. Sounds like you were lucky you weren't seriously injured.

As for the future of #929, let us know. If the insurance company totals the car and you need help locating another Bullitt, send a message to the board.... having a lot of feet on the street looking for a Bullitt should yield a positive result.
Glad you’re okay but sorry about the car. Hope you can get it fixed okay or get a new one. $9000 sounds like a lot of damage but at today’s prices, who knows. I know how you feel loosing a car that you really liked. I did in my 88GT by losing traction too.

Good luck
Well due to my driving record from when I was 16-18 I kept only minimal insurance. I basically have liability and uninsured motorist coverage and a little more basic. Nothing, however, that will take care of my car. I was going to change that as soon as I got married I was going to throw full coverage on it and register it as a recreational/occasional vehicle and then buy a beater to drive around. Now I am looking at a couple options. 1. sell the car as is and walk away after court is all settled then pick up a beater and wait for the 200? Mach 1 to come out. 2. Sell the car as stated before and buy a beater and an old Mach 1 as a resto project. I just can't talk myself into getting gouged by a dealer at this point. Word of mouth advertising is in full effect finally on the Bullitt. Production is winding up and dealers are taking LARGE advantage of a car in demand and low quantity. If I am to pay 30 K for a Bullitt when I originally bought one for 26,380 I would just toss the extra 2 K at it and buy a cobra. Not that I don't LOVE the Bullitt and wouldn't want another one it's just that the Bullitt isn't the bang-for-the-buck deal at 30 it was at 26. That Mach 1 seems a VERY appealing alternative and I will still keep up on all things Bullitt as much as possible. Anybody got any word on that Mach 1? I will try to get down there to take pix with my digital camera, or at least get a friend to take film pix I can scan. But I warn all of you the car is barely a shadow of its former glory and it might put several in shock. I have a sense of humor about it so far. $h!t happens when you party naked. I am just extremely happy I walked away without a mark. If he would have hit the drivers side door I would surely be, at the very least, hospitalized. I estimate he hit me doing about 50. Now I just have to find a reasonable replacement.

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The only thing I can say is cars can be replaced, people are not so easy. Glad you are OK.
Yeah Loc , glad you're OK. Feel like were old friends from being on these boards from winter. Good luck to you in the future.

Just remember, I got mine at X Plan ($25122) - $1500 rebate. Rebates in my area are up to $2000 now. If I can do this others can too. Not all dealers will do it, but some will. It's the end of the year, they need to move them, especially a dealer with several of them. If you are interested in how to get X Plan email me.
Really glad everyone came out ok. Keep up the good attitude about it, things have a way of working out in the end. And your right, she i t (that's how my mom says it) does happen.
I am very sorry also. I am glad you are not hurt. Buy anything you want, life is precious and short.
Holy SH*T!! That sucks. I'm glad you're ok and no one was seriously injured. That made me want to start to cry. If the car is fixable for a reasonable amount maybe you should try to. 8 grand is a lot of money but it is still a damn sight cheaper than almost another 30 for a new car.
I'm very sorry to hear about that but again.. glad you're ok. Anything else can be fixed! Good luck! :smile:
I am soooo sorry Lok! It must have been very hard to look at your Bullitt after the accident! In disbelief. And be thankful that you are alive and unhurt! How about your passenger? You did say you had one, right?

Remember you have that video clip from MGWLTD on "the shifter handle in action." It made me sad to go and re-read that post from you a few days ago. The comment you made about keeping that clip for future reference when your Bullitt was not available to drive was unanticipated for sure! :cry:

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So sorry to hear about your car. Glad you're OK tho. I guess this means we won't see you in Waukesha next Sunday. Hope things work out for you.
Just wanted to offer my best wishes, Lok.

It would be great if you could get #929 back on its feet, or maybe get a new #5929. I enjoy reading about your mods and was looking forward to talking about them with you at a Chicagoland or Dairyland Bullitt rally.

Best of luck.
Sorry 'bout the wreck,Lok,but am glad you and your rider are ok.
Lets all take a message from Lok, and keep that Tracloc on unless we are playing.But of crouse with that loose gravel,who knowsit mighta happened anyway. Just glad all is OK!
Sorry to hear about your accident...but yesterday must have been a bad day for Bullitts. I was a block from work and had my tire pop. So, my Bullitt got to use that crappy donut spare for about a block. (I'm now highly considering buying another Bullitt wheel to stick in the trunk....who needs a trunk anyway?

Sorry to hear about your loss, but glad everyone's alright.

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