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1048 (FASTBULLITT) meets 3618 (Bullitt3618) and 9mmBullitt.

Although my late post probably screwed me up for meeting up with some Georgia BULLITT owners, I was however able to meet up with two Memphis BULLITT owners.
Bullitt3618 and 9mmBullitt. Picked up two MHL BULLITT posters, and chatted a lot about BULLITT’s. I'm hopeful we’ll meet up again. Memphis is less than a two hour drive from central Arkansas.

I made a few pictures also, but my CD was unreadable when I picked up the pictures, so I had to turn it back in to be reburned. I will add my pics once I get them.

The first two pics were made by Bullitt3618

The bridge in the background crosses the Mississippi River into Arkansas and is part of interstate 40.

Bullitt1048 DHG

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