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hello fellow bullittheads,
this is a reply I received today from Mr.Art Hyde... also my response after that. I am afraid we will have to go at a higher level very very soon,please let me know your thoughts on this

arts reply:
Your first note was very different.

I answered your question about the label and I believe if you do not accept that answer, you should come back to me and tell me so rather than confusing the organization by asking another person, presumably fishing for another answer. Please understand we at Team Mustang (Scott and myself, in particular) are very busy. It is inefficient to answer repetitive questions -- we simply do not have time to do that AND develop new Mustangs(our real job).

Scott will do some investigation about the parts and training issues and will get back to you on those. We appreciate your "head's up" about the way your dealer is treating you. Would you mind sharing the name of the dealer with us? That would make it easier to see what's going on.

Art Hyde
Mustang Chief Program Engineer
Ford North American Car

My reply to Arts e-mailHi Art,
I am as busy at my job as you are at yours ...and I do appreciate your time, but as a matter of fact I did respond to your reply and did not receive one back from You.. I do not appreciate your implying that I went around you or was fishing to get another answer.If I were to do that it would be at a higher level then team mustang. I must remind you that YOU sir, did not reply back to my second e-mail to you and another member of our club posted a reply form scott hoag saying his e-mail/ concerns had been referred to him BY YOU..... so rather then bother you, and seeing as mr. hoag had sent a reply to him, I wrote to scott directly....if you noticed I cc'd you, so why would I be trying to go around you or fish or anything else . If your organization is so easily confused by these questions that might be one of the reasons we BULLITT owners are having the issues we do. I have asked that if you folks are not the ones we should be talking to about our problems then please tell us who is.... I do not feel that is unreasonable do you? I purposely have NOT gone over anyone's head hoping to find a solution with you guys''in house'' ....I would think you might want to correct some issues that we are experiencing rather then 'jumping'into developing the next mustang project and possibly encountering the same issues. As I told you before , I have been in the automotive/dealership business since 1970 and have owned an awful lot of FORD products . I do not think anyone expects a perfect car...I know that I don't, but there are some things that just aren't right and these are some of them.
and still we as a group of car owners, enthusiasts and consumers dont have any conrete information or answers. That sir, is my well as many other bullitt owners.
thank you again for your time.I l;ook forward to your attention and reply

mark snailer

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what is the email address for mr hyde. i want to ask why my dealership can not get a replacement transimission for my broken bullit. it has been sitting at the dealer for a week and will be there for another two. they said they are going to fix the current one instead of replace it like they should (as was the thought of myself,the technician, and the service manager) do with a car with under 2000 miles. they told me that the trans is obsolete but and they do not have any to give out as they are all going in production cars.

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It is true that 3650 transmissions and parts are in short supply. Neverthless, if you and your dealer feel the issue is not being addressed properly, Art is not the fastest way to get your problem solved. Call the following #1-800-392-ford or send email to:
[email protected] These are Ford's Customer Relationship Center contacts.
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