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This is to introduce you to a new way to ensure the official registry threads for all three generation of Bullitt Mustangs are updated with information. This is not meant to replace the contents of those threads, or the offline database that Dennis Shaw (Wonbullitt0647) maintains.

Prior to May 1 of this year, whenever a new member signed up at, the registration form asked for the model year, serial number, and color of their Bullitt. There was a recent change in the technical platform that supports the registration process to make it easier to sign up, especially for smartphone users, and overall security. This required dropping the fields which help our registrars maintain the registry threads.

We also know a lot of new folks go to the Bullitt-related Facebook groups first, including the one set up for IMBOC, and then later find out about the forum and registry if one of our registrars or other IMBOC forum members mentions them. With the upcoming release of the S550 Bullitt, we want to ensure we make it as easy as possible to get owner and car information, no matter if the new Bullitt owner comes here first or Facebook. Also, the new Bullitt will be sold in many countries all over the world in both left-hand and right-hand drive configurations. This is different than the past generations which were generally acquired through imports.

For any new member, or for any existing member who wants to update their registry information, please use the link below to access forms in which you enter data. The registrars for the '01, '08/'09, and '19/'20 models (along with movie replicas) will be able to pick up the basics and update the registry threads. The information captured in this new way will also be available as supplemental information for the existing offline databases kept by Wonbullitt0647.

If you have any questions, please post. Thanks for your attention!

link to registry update form
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