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Hi Dennis.....A co-worker came back from a huge city auction in Seattle Saturday and told me of an Ebony 01 Bullitt that sold for 10k. He remembers seeing the hologram on the strut tower but couldn't recall the exact number...he did know that it was 2XXX though....So today, I grabbed his auction sheet and the VIN # was 1FAFP42X71F222885...hope this helps if it isn't already in your database.

On another note, he told me that a couple of other ponies were also auctioned off. A real clean 1969 MACH 1 went for 14k and a 1965 6 banger went for 4750.00...the '65 had receipts for work & parts totalling over 9k!

Hope all is well and have a great holiday season! :)
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