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Auction #2

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Auction # 2. The collector hardcover book Steve McQueen "The Last Mile". Comes in a case. Autographed by Barbara McQueen and Marshall Terrill. Limited Edt. Book 460 of 2000. Comes with a cd of Steve McQueen reviewing script notes for "Tom Horn". I paid 90.00 for the book and that will be the opening bid. The money will be used for the guest, or The nationals. Last bid on this post by 10:00pm on Monday. April 30th. Starting BID $90.00
Dennis & Nanci


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This is a very cool book. I got a copy for my birthday!!!
What ever the book sells for goes to the Nationals..I will donate the $90.00 original cost.
No one interested?? This is a outstanding book and is full of great pictures!!! Proceeds go for expenses for our special guest!!

Member JUST 1BULLITT emailed me and his BID is 100.00.

New Bid

OK, I'll try $205.00 -thanks all for bidding; this was super of Dennis to do for our club! Proceeds go to a great cause!
Also "What was/is 'Auction # 1???"

Hi All,
I know this was 'Auction # 2'...what was/is "Auction # 1" for??
Thanks to all that BID...Thanks for the winning bid John. That should help the nationals.
You Bet! THANK YOU! We'll be in touch.

Thanks again, John
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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