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Going to auction my Mom's 2001 Bullitt. This is number 3400. I am pained to let it go because in my mind this is what a car should be: a manual transmission, a big engine, analog clocks on the dash, and cool. But, the reality is I don't have the resources or background to care for a 20 year old car so I'd rather part with it than let it sit. It was lovingly cared for by its original owners, my folks. My Mom, the real owner, who bought it when she was a few years from retirement, always wanted a Mustang and stunned onlookers when she'd appear in the driver's seat. She amazed a cop who pulled her over for speeding. Seeing her in her nurse's uniform with a stethoscope around her neck, he couldn't bring himself to give her a ticket. I've owned and maintained it for the last two years. I'm going to auction it on Bring A Trailer knowing most of the IMBOC have one already. I'd love to sell it to a mechanically inclined true enthusiast of the car, so I've posted here as a head's up. I'll reply when the auction is set up. Any advice on selling is appreciated...

Link to photos: 2001 Mustang Bullitt

2001 Ford Mustang Bullitt:

43k miles
Dark Highland Green
5 speed manual transmission, 4.6L V8 engine
Fully stock and unmodified (the original owner added a security system and a clear bra)
Number 3400 of the 5582 Bullitt editions made
Always garaged and lightly driven, never used as a daily driver
Regular oil changes at 2 to 3k mile intervals
Excellent running condition (see known problems below, none mechanical)
Interior is in excellent condition
Complete service records
Black leather seats
Ford 460 Mach Stereo System with 6 CD changer
Clean title, no accidents
Purchased from original owners, who owned it for 18 years


Front: 2012 Goodyear Eagle GT (14k miles, approximately 5mm of tread)
Rear: 2014 Cooper Neon RS3-A (6k miles, approximately 6mm of tread)

They are in good condition--no cracking--though they are approaching the 10 year mark.

Known problems:

The security system is inoperative/faulty and needs to be replaced or removed. The fuel gauge on the dash shows empty and the low fuel light is on despite a full tank. It will come back to life and register normal now and again. I suspect a faulty sensor at the tank or a bad electrical contact between it and the dash but I do not know. When filling at the pump, the filler neck will not cutoff the flow of gasoline from the nozzle and gasoline spills out from behind the panel (unless you time it right). There are a few minor cosmetic defects (dimples, scratches).

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