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Austin Bullitts

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Are there any Bullitts in the Austin area on the board? I'm making a trip there and I would like to meet some of the folks and get a few races. A friend of mine says he's already bagged 3 of em. He has a 2000 GT. Bone stock. I'm gonna shut him up. :smile:
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I'm in the area
You wouldn't happen to be a cop, would you??? :smile:
I am in the Austin area. Let me know and we can hook up. I love talking to people about the stang.
I am in Austin, and have yet to see anyone actually try to race me. Most guys rev their engines at the stop lights, but usually they get a flush look on their face when I rev back. I have yet to take anyone on, and only open her up gently. But, I am getting ready to play with my bone stock beauty.

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I am in Buda, 5 miles south of Austin.

Anyone here own the Bullitt that I saw parked in the HEB parking lot on the corner of Manchacca and Slaughter?

This was a Black one I saw about 2 weeks ago.
It may have been mine, my girlfriend lives in an apartment complex right down the street from that HEB, so I shop there all the time. You never know though, to date I have seen 3 Black ones in town, and one guy usually drives around the Westgate area. If you are the guy in Buda, I think that my dad may have spoken to you and told you that I have DHG Bullitt also. Just FYI.
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