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Auto-x #180 today

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Well i finally got a chance to auto-x my car. It felt very predictible after i got use to it. Brakes much better than my Street Prepared 93 GT did and accelerates better also. Understeers badly and i hate having to keep remembering to turn off the traction control. I raced half a run with it on and found out it sucks to have it on. I almost beat my Roommates 95 Cobra SM car. He beat me by .4 seconds. If i would have had more seat time i would have beat him. Next on the list race tires :razz: .

01 Highland Green Bullitt #180
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68 Gulfstream Aqua Mustang Coupe
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You did great for using street tires. If the rain stops (fat chance) I'm going to take mine out to Donington racetrack. I was told that with the Nitto DR's that I have out back that I should expect the car to oversteer so I'll find out if that's true. Anyway, congrats on your nice run.
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