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For you Solo 2/Autocross, roadrace fans, here's my take on my Bullitt's performance on this side of the Motorsport's regime.
This past July 7 & 8, I attended the 2001 Stampede Motorsports Solo 2/Autocross Weekend in Red Deer, Alberta, Canada. I waited until this particular event, because this is the largest course layout on the Western Canadian schedule (approx. 1 km long) and I would be better able to give a proper evalutation of the Bullitt over 2 days.
Just a short background of my racing history, I am the 2001 Western Canadian National Autoslalom Champion and 2000 Canadian National Autoslalom Champion as well as several 1st to 3rd place finishes in other local club and out-of-town events over the last 3 years. I race a 1987 Mustang GT in ABE Super Stock (modified suspension, full exhaust, roll bar, R-compound tires, stock brakes, etc. no internal engine mods allowed, so roughly 240 hp).
Now according to the SCCA, and WCMA (Western Canada Motorsports Association), the Bullitt is classified in F Stock (1 class below my '87).
With over 70 cars in attendence, Classes are as follows, (slowest to fastest)
Average results for the Red Deer event shown as well:
Stock 65.2 secs - 83.4 secs
Super Stock 61.6 - 75.8
Street Prepared 59.5 - 70.4
Modified 55.2 - 69.3
After 2 days and 8 runs the Bullitt's best time was a 65.107! The only mod I made was a K&N filter. I walked away with 1st place in F Stock. My wife, by the way, received 2nd place with the Bullitt and her first race ever! 3rd went to an 82 Firebird.
As the results would show, I would also have ended up 2nd in ABE Super Stock!
More interesting, i thought, were these results:
99 Cobra conv. 65.4- in Super Stock
83 Mustang 66.0 - SS
92 Talon 67.3 - SS
00 Integra type R 70.3 - SS
89 Saleen 61.4 - Street Prepared
91 Corvette 62.1 - SP
92 Mustang 62.4 - SP
90 Talon 62.9 - SP
88 Mustang 63.4 - SP
95 Mustang 66.7 - SP
Final thoughts:
The Bullitt performed very well, it has lots of power above 3000 in 2nd and would have broken loose had I not checked up on a few places on the course. So for Autocross, you really wouldn't want much more. The brakes are excellent, with the Brembo's up front, and ABS, the Cobra has no advantage in this environment. Suspension? well...suspension. You know this already, it pushes like crazy still wayyyyy too much! It still sits too high and the spring rate is not enough. (600 front, 250 rear) but I suppose that's the compromise Ford had to make, for it makes for a great Street ride. And that is the change I would make, lowering springs (650-700 in front, 250 rear). R-compound tires and a shifter. These mods would make it extremely competitve in Super Stock with only 3 changes! Add caster/camber plates, and you STILL have a competitive car in Street Perpared! Oh, by the way, the seats are great! I had ZERO problems staying put during high G-loads on the course and thats with stock seat belts! And I'm a BIG GUY! (no i'm not gonna tell u what I weigh!) :razz:
Had I brought my '87, I am confident I would have been in the 63's. (I am normally faster than a few in SP). If I do the mod's listed above, the Bullitt would be faster than my '87 and win in SS. Do exhaust as well as a cold air induction system, and it could win in SP. (maybe)
Hope this gives you an alternate look on the performance of the Bullitt and enjoy your rides!
Sorry for the length of this. :smile:

2001 DHG Bullitt #625
1990 Mustang LX
1987 Mustang GT
1995 Intrepid

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Excellent info!!!! I am looking forward to the track days over here with the Bullitt. Just driving around on the streets and highways staeside I came to the same conclusions you came to about the suspension. It's good to have another's point of view though.

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Great results. I found the handling similar when I autocrossed mine a couple of weeks ago. Understeer is pretty bad on high speed sweepers but it transitions well. Power is really good with not only low end torque but, as you noted, great power up the rev range making 2nd a great gear.


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Wonder what times the car would have turned with R compound tires? I'll be taking mine auto-xing in a few weeks. No tires yet still trying to sell my race wheels and tires from my 93 GT ESP car that i traded in for my Bullitt.

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Thank you.
The pedals were very smooth, no problems didn't really feel that much different over my '87. (remember, the "rubber" sticks thru the aluminum pedals). However, I liked the clutch feel alot better, very smooth and crisp over the '87.
Had I used R-compounds, i'm pretty sure it would have been in the 63's (2 secs faster) without even trying. Add those proper springs, and it would have been doing Street Prepared times. Impressive for only 2 mods!
Thats why "Mr. Cobra" is worried! hehehe
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