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Well after putting the Bullitt through the paces, here are the results.

My fastest run out of 4, was a 63.431 which is faster than any other mustang at the event (there were 2 cobras, a GT and an old SVO 4cyl turbo)They put my car (and all mustangs)in the "large Sedan" class - weird huh ?
That is the good news. The bad news is the Bullitt needs help in sticking and a little in handling. I was running street tires and I could have used some R-Compound tires. One of the spectators came up and mentioned that my car ran a lot flatter than any of the other mustangs and was impressed. I am definitely changing the Castor/Camber to get more handling. The GO was great and didn't need any more as far as torque. The seats were really hard to get low enough to wear a helmet, so you had to put the seatback further back, so you lose a little for the feel of the car and the road. I'll let you know about next week, when I have had a chance to run R Tires.


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