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Baby (Bullitt) is in the hospital

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Bad subject title, might have frightened someone. Baby is Bullitt 5290. I started a pity me thread a few days ago titled "I guess it's my turn" Well I found a good body shop. I've seen their work and talked to the body man and the paint guy. Seems the repair to the fender(about a 2-3" dent with a deep scratch inside) is about $200. The paint and paint labor is high. The beautiful metal flake DHG finish is a little high priced. The fender and GT badge will have to come off, and the front bumper and headlight will have to be separated from the fender. Total is $579. They promised me that you will never be able to tell anything was ever done to the car.My fingers are crossed. If it comes out as great as they say, it will be worth every penny. Watch your cars boys and girls. This sucks. There goes my money for my 4.10 gears. Have to wait until fall now.



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you scared the bajesus outta me. hope it gets fixed soon
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