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Back from Bozeman International!

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We took runner up and was beaten by a Roush.

We all got to Bozeman safely. Well, Bob almostdidn't! He saw Bill and I by the street along side our Bullitt and honked and turned around to come and say hi. As he rounded the corner some jerk jumped in his lane and he had to put it back into second and stood on it, redlined it, it farted a couple of times and he got the hell out of the way! We thought he was showing off to impress us! Little did we know he was in deep sh**. But then, he usually is. :lol: By the way, we were impressed! :grin: Both by his handling of the situation and the sound.

When the other Bullittheads get back they will post pics. At the show, all 5 DHG Bullitts were parked along side each other. Epperstang Mike was really sharp with a camera and took some great pictures. The banner Joyce brought was hung proudly above the 5 Bullitts. Nice job Joyce!

1NastyFordGT is still alive and well. He is still on vacation riding off into the sunset looking for rice along the way! :lol: Good huntin Bob!

It was a great time in Bozeman and it was nice meeting 1NastyFordGT, the Epperstangs, beamstang, MacStang, and McQueenGreen.


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it sounds like you guys had a great time vickie!! looking forward to the pics!
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