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Back from Ohio with new 70 Mach

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Good trip to pick up a great car. This makes stang number four purchased this year, making a total of 14 in our stable. Time to settle down and do some work on them.

The Bullitt is in good company.
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Congrats, Joyce. Hopefully we'll get to see it in Vancouver next year!
Joyce, did you trailer the Mach back to Salt Lake? How much work do you have to do to it?

DAMN!!! 14 stangs??? I just got one... Grrr... I think I'm gonna go for a 89-92 GT 5.0 and work on that for awhile. Give my Bullitt a break from driving.
Great Find...and I love the website and all the descriptions.
I am SO jealous. We are down to 3 Mustangs, but we're out of space and, I don't think I could ever catch up.

'70 Mach 1....right up there on my "Fav" list!
Webmaster....we need a "jealous" face!!!
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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