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Badge Idea...

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I've been thinking.. (yes.. that's dangerous.. and yes my head does hurt..) But I think I have a simple solution to the "GT" badge iussue. Most people are wanting to get rid of it and go for the "Smooth" look that the concept car had. But, as we all know there are mounting holes behind it. Well.. How about simply getting the GT badges painted and clearcoated to match your car. They's still be there but they'd be monochromatic and match the car. My neighbor did the same thing with the "Trans Am" lettering he added to his GTA. I'll get pics of it tomorrow at the car show so you can all see what I mean.
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I finally got my first GT after many years of wanting one, so I am very proud to have the GT logo on the side. I will not be changing my logos.

Along the same line of thought though, I will be getting a 4" Ford logo with Dark Highland Green as the background color instead of the blue. Just wanted to have it / see it. I really doubt I would replace the blue on the car. Maybe jam it under the hood or something. I'll scan it and post it when I get it so everyone can call me bad names (ricer!). Haha... not.
How about replacing the GT logo with a BULLIT that looks like it was just fired out of a gun..... :-B The BULLIT must be silver!
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