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Barrett-Jackson auction.

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anybody watching the auction on Speedvision. they sold a black charger hemi for 70 grand and a 67 yenko camaro for 110 grand, wow!
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Just sold a Shelby Cobra 427 for 210K and no. 0001 Saleen for 400K. Wow
I know I was beding on that S7 I guess my 20k didnt hold up :roll:
GT500KR 428 CJ conv. 104,000 wow, i was bidding but he couldn't see me....
I was watching this yesterday and finally had to take a break to change shirts. There was so much slobber on the it that I might start getting a rash. :grin: :grin: :grin: :grin: :grin:

Guess this is how the 0.5% get to spend their extra cash.
This stuff drives one of my employees nuts-he bought a '69 Charger in '69 and had it at the dealer ship for some work-while he was waiting he seen a Charger Daytona-when he inquired about it the salesman complained how Chrysler made them order one and who would ever buy such a car with that ugly wing. If only guys knew what these cars would be worth someday!
I couldn't believe the GT500KR sold at six figures $104,000.00. But when I checked the Old Car Price guide a (1)68 Shelby GT500 conv is $72,000 and add 30% for a KR.
I just didn't know they had gotten so high.
The sad thing is,do these mega-buck cars ever get driven at all? If not a well detailed diecast is a better deal. The ones bringing the big bucks tended to be low mile original paint cars. Anyone catch the YENKO reunion show on Horsepower TV? Now that was good to see!
No I didn't see it.... Theres this guy arund here that drives a Supposly a Yenko 427 Nova almost everyday, I've seen it, even asked the guy is that a real Yenko or copy and he swears it a real one. I told him to enjoy still not believing him, hoping if it's real, it don't get wasted by some careless driver.
Awww, I bet its real if he says so...if not he is some kind of jerk. I know of some people who have high dollar cars that do almost get driven everyday (lets be honest, they do not drive them in the rain). I know a guy who has a killer 50 merc that has been in tons of mags and has been merc of the year..its been through 3 engines and has over 70,000 miles since the last rebuild...he goes every place in that car...local or on runs.
A guy in my Mustang Club here has a 68 Shelby GT500KR. But it's not a convertible. Wonder how much it's worth! It looks bran new. Very low miles too! He also has a 70 Boss 302. It won Best Of Show at the Bozeman International Car Show last summer....
One interesting car I saw was a '92 Firehawk. Was listed as #16 of 19 made that year with a 350 HP(SLP) motor, ZF 6-Speed, Dana Rear End and less than 3K original miles. Car sold for $19,000.

Don't know what the guy was thinking. I'd buy that car for that price any day. He surely could have gotten more in a private sale.
Old Car Price Guide say's a (1) 68 Shelby Fastback Gt 500 is worth $49,000 plus 30% for being a KR, Compared to conv the Fastback is much lower. In fact the price of a New Bullitt and few thousand change....Plus the Fastback KR for 1 KR conv.... Unbieveable!
That Yenko Nova (I was talking about) has all the Markings, Big block, and grills on the fenders just like real thing and the owner very convcing that it was real. Instead of doubting him I guess I should praise him on using the car what it built to do, hauling ASS.
Did you catch the interview with Reggie Jackson where he said he'd been offered $150K for his Yenko Nova and turned it down?

Reggie also sold a COPO 427 Camaro, that he said he'd owned since '89, for $72K.
Hey Jimmy,I guess you know that Colonial Chevrolet,located in Norfolk,was a Yenko dealer. I guess the VIN number would prove it. Anyway,I remember,a Sunday afternoon Fall of 1970, my brother and I crusing the Blvd.,when a yellow 69 Yenko Chevelle pulls up and we got at it 3 times. Of course our 70 Hemicuda stayed right beside him until we hit high gear,and pulled on him big time. Wish I would have had my Super8 camera with me that day! See the Hemicuda was that Lemon Twist yellow,with the Hemi hockey stick stripes,black Shaker hood scoope and the Chevelle was yellow also,with the black Yenko stripes,what a scene that must have been!!!
Dude that story made me moist..... The sight of those 2 legends together, running hard like god meant them to..... WOW!!!!!! I got to go take a cold shower.
If they sold Yenko's round here then, chances are it is the real thing.... Hopefully I see it again and I have camera. I'll take a picture of a true wonder of the modern world, and spead the weath.
I didn't see the Interview with Regie.
I do have a sea story to tell, About Regie Jackson. When I was stationed in Jacksonville Fl. I knew this Guy that had this unbelievable collection of Ford Muscle Cars; 64 427 T-bolt, 428CJ Cal Yarbough Special, 428CJ Talldaga, Boss 302 Couger Elemeator, 68 GT500 KR Shelby Conv. and a about 4 or five other cars of interest but those where the ones I could remember. The KR, Elmeator where the only nice cars, the T-Bolt had a Chevy Big Block in it but the org Ford 427 had been found, The other cars where basket cases. I later heard Regie Jackson had bought the entier herd for $150,000.00 and this was almost 20 years ago. So some of those cars I might have touched when I was fit trim and racey
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The thing is,my brother still has the Hemicuda,sitting in the garage,since 1973,still showing 10,000 miles,clean as you wouldn't believe,and he dosen't do ANYTHING WITH IT!!!! I had him motivated,2 years ago,and we pulled the engine to fresh it up,and that's how it sits today!
WOW!!!!! Damn, tell him buy the parts and I'll put it together for free.
I imagine he,or we will get it back in shape one day. About 2 months is all it would take. Now,if you can stand it,if you look at the drivers side window,you can still see the remnants of the glue that attached the window sticker,which totaled up to $5100 I believe. That was the Hemi option,Torqueflite trans,Super Track Pac,with 4.10 gear,Rally gauge pack,and plain jane 15x7 yellow steel wheels with the dog dish hub caps,with F-60x15 Goodyears! In 1971,we pulled the engine and just bolted on the factory Race Hemi parts, the magnesium cross-ram with the two Holleys,12.5 comp. race pistons,and the RacerBrown,Super/Stock STX-22 solid cam,Sox&Martin aluminum 10 qt. oil pan,with the swing pickup and external lines,Hooker headers,4.56 gear,and the Super/Stock rear springs.....Result a 11.00/125MPH Hemicuda,that we still cruised the street,Shoney Drive-in scene in 1971-73!!

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