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Well me and my buddy put my bassani X w/o cats on that I had left over when I traded in my 2000GT. IT sounded ok at idle.. but when we drove it... my god man did it sounds like hell. IT had the most raspy metallic sound in the world. Even if it sounded good there is no way it would have stayed on with the fumes. The fumes almost killed us on a 20 minute drive. I think it is becouse the bullitt is set up to run a bit rich.

I think if it had Cats it would sound good and not kill you with the fumes. I think the best bet is to go with a H pipe then you will not have to mess with a new cat back and it will sound good. I missed the sound of the Regular bullitt sound as soon as I started it up. I think I am going to look at getting the car to run a bit leaner then look at a off road H pipe.

Side note: one of the header bolts was barrely on.... I think that was the ticking noise that was driving me crazy.....

PS any one want to buy a bassani X w/o cats... if you have stright through cat back you are good to go.. that is if you can handle the fumes... let me know...

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