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Battery question

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I'm having some starting issues with the convertible. I can turn the ignition on and all the guages spring to life, the horn works, the top even went up, but it won't turn over. I had the battery checked today, and it tested good. I brought the battery home, put the charger on it and after about an hour, it started. I tried it numerous times, then it wouldn't start again. I'm going to leave the charger on it overnight and see what happens.

Could the battery be the problem, even if it tests good? Let me add, it's about 3 years old, but had a 2 year free replacement warranty.
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Have you got the same terminals on it you had on the Bullitt?

By the way, any more problems with the B?
Bullitt 736 said:
Have you got the same terminals on it you had on the Bullitt?

By the way, any more problems with the B?
No...funny guy! :lol: They're the stock ones on the convertible, but I am having the same problem with the stock ones I had on the B. It's like they won't tighten enough around the terminal. That's why I replaced it on the Bullitt. Turns out, it wasn't so much where it connected to the terminal, but those two little bolts that hold the wire down!

I'm convinced it's the starter on the convertible. It bump started fine, so I took it to the Ford dealer to have it replaced. Should be ready tomorrow. They're doing it for about 200 bucks. The starter at Advanced runs a little over 100, so I think it's a deal. I just don't feel like crawling underneath it, and I really don't have the facility to do it here. Plus the ground is about 150 degrees! Ouch. :eek:
Sounds like a plan David. I'd do the same thing! :)
Yep $100 to stay out from under the car and have it running ,works for me.
I've seen some freaky intermittent electrical problems happen over the years that turned out to be the battery.
I have had several different vehicle that did the same thing. There seems to come a point where as the starter is going out it draws more power than the battery itself can provide. Sometimes if you jump it it will start but not just off the battery. Replacing the starter usually fixes it.
I had a similar issue with my 71 Convertible this year after messing with the solenoid and the battery cables i wound up bringing the battery in and found out it had a bad cell. the top worked along with the headlights and radio but the car would not turn over. Put a new battery in and woom she started right up and has been running great since.

By the way I could not understand how the battery could be bad as I swore up and down I only put it into the car a few years ago. The people at Sears pointed out to my that it was a 98 model Diehard not an 07 model. 12 years on a battery!!!! Needless to say I bought another diehard!

hey David let us know what the verdict is.
I think it was what Dan said. One problem exacerbated the other. All has been fine for nearly 2 months now.

Jeff, I know what you mean about "I just put it in" turning out to be several years. That's one reason I sold the Lemans. It started needing things that I had "just put in." I didn't feel like doing it again. :lol:
Sounds like the battery either has a dead cell, and/or you're having starter solenoid issues. Vato-Zone used to be able to check the solenoid/starter. Off the starter, the solenoid should pull a slight magnetic field when + & - is attached.

One thing you can try is add 1/2 of a Bayer aspirin to each cell while you're charging it overnight. That should give it some zip for a bit if you don't want to splurge for another battery right now.
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