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Bay Area Bullitt Owners are meeting 12/2/01

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Bay Area Bullitt Owners are meeting 12/2/01

We have 12+ confirmed Bullitt owners that are going, so please email Eric if you are interested - [email protected] Please note in your email if you will be staying for breakfast.

Meeting details:
*Date: December 2, 2001, Sunday(Only if it doesn't rain)
*City: San Leandro
*Time: 9:00 a.m.
*Place: El Torito restaurant parking lot
5 San Leandro Marina
San Leandro CA 94577

(I thought this deserved it's own thread)

Keep the shiney side up,
Randy R...

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Hey John,

It was good to meet this morning. Hopefully, we have a bigger turn out next time.

See ya,
Randy R...
Right back at ya Randy. Yes a bigger turn out would have been nice. The weather wasn't that bad and the brunch was pretty good!
Keep in touch. Later.
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If it wasn't raining, I'd have probably showed up.
Any chance of having the next meeting on the 'peninsula' ?

bullitt #242
Well, the holidays have passed, and the weather looks a bit more inviting...

Anyone up to try meeting again? Maybe we can attract those from the surrounding SFBA counties/areas as well (San Jose, San Mateo, Alameda, Contra Costa, SF, San Rafael, Windsor)....

Randy R...
I'm in! We should meet in S.F. I think it would be great to get some pictures of several Bullitt's in key locations.

That would be cool...i would drive from monterey to go.
I'm in too!

I said before I didn't want to go to San Francisco...but I had this wierd premonition last night...and NOW, I want to meet in San Francisco, so we can take pictures with the Golden Gate in the background.

SO.....I'm up for SF...or anywhere.

My thought exactly. How cool would it be to get pictures of all the Bullitt's with the Golden Gate Bridge as the backdrop? Anybody here a good photographer that could set up the picture properly. Maybe we can send it in to one of the Mustang rags and definitely make it part of Bullittclub.

Eric cool would that be?!
But where can we go to get it in the background? I usually try to avoid the City, so I don't know a good spot!
I also want to try to get a shot on one of those hills, so it would look like some of the movie shots!
I'm going to ask everyone I know.
I have some friends that claim they're good photographers, so I might be able to persuade them to shoot it for us.
I think I might even have a camera that does those panoramic views that would fit a bunch of our cars in it.
Anyway, I think we should start planning.

I'm like you I try to avoid the city, but there are several places that we can go and get the Bridge in the background. Probably the best is somewhere near the Marina District of Fort Mason. I also agree to get some photos of some of the places featured in the movie would be cool. Just need to rally everyone togethewr and pray for decent weather.

I'm in. Let me know the time and place. Hopefully not this weekend (football playoffs tomorrow and Sunday). There are more than enough places we could take pictures i.e, Fort Kronkite (just before Sausalito) which has a overhead view of the GG Bridge, Fort Point, Marina Greens, Baker's Beach, China Beach, Twin Peaks, and Coit Tower to name a few.
See I knew you were the person who would know the good places!

We also need to find recognizable spots from the movie!

Should be no problem. Just need to review one of my resources (Bullitt DVD, Motor Trend videotape or the videotape that shows McQueen's son retracing his father's chase route. A good run would be the San Bruno mountain where the Bullitt is chasing the Charger right before the Charger crashes into the gas station. The scenery has changed a bit but still provides for a nice run.
I am down with a Bay area meeting, sounds like a great idea. If you guys really want to do this, post a new message- the title of this one may lead many people not to read it!
I am in also. It looks like the should clear up a bit for a while.

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On 2002-01-11 18:14, BULLITT3946 wrote:
There are more than enough places we could take pictures i.e, Fort Kronkite (just before Sausalito) which has a overhead view of the GG Bridge, Fort Point, Marina Greens, Baker's Beach, China Beach, Twin Peaks, and Coit Tower to name a few.

I think it's time we started talking about dates, times and places...I'm going to start a new thread (as suggested) to get this going.
I'm definitely going to need help...I think I can locate the old e-mail from the first time...(we switched mail applications, but I have access for another week or so)
Northern California GET TOGETHER

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