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been in the snow yet??

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very suprised at the handling of black bullitt #71.

it actually did great! the traction control works better than i thought and compared to the nissan 240sx that i had before it, well there was no comparison. minimal traction loss and great turning.

i actually feel comfortable letting my wife drive it in the snow.

anyone else had theirs out yet??
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Hello jacob67. I too plan to fully use True Blue #1896 this winter here in Toronto. It hasn't snowed up here yet, but it always does.

I'm glad to hear of your experience. I've been telling people since '97 that these newer Mustangs aren't half as bad as everyone THINKS they are in the snow! I've previously had my '97GT and '99GT as daily drivers in the winter, and never had any problems with them. All you need is good winter rubber (I had Blizzaks), some solid weight in the truck, and a bit of common sense and rear-wheel driving skill.

Although not a fan of the Mustang's Traction Control system at all, one push of the little button switch and "OFF" it goes.

Unless you plan on keeping your Bullitt for decades, and in showroom condition all that time, there's no reason NOT to get full use out of our Mustangs all year round.

Ride on jacob!
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You guys have bigger @#lls than me! Ain't gonna do it. I'll use the F-250 4X4 or Expedition. No sense in pushing my luck.......know watta I mean?
Absolutely right, Karl! It doesn't matter WHAT people drive, you HAVE to adjust your driving in the winter. I can't believe the number of total idiots I see every winter in the ditches and sides...and most of them are just single-vehicle incidents where the driver thinks they're invincible in their new SUV or minivan. All-wheel drive or not, you can't get away with going fast---and expecting to stop anytime sooner.

I also can't get over how many people think that their "all season radials" are the cure-all for every weather condition. All season tires compromise on BOTH dry and wet/snow conditions---giving you less than you should have in either situation.

For those of us that may not have experienced it or know it yet, our factory Goodyears are horrible tires! Anyone who's driven our cars in the rain knows. And in the summer, they're much too easy to break loose. These tires were cutting-edge technology back in 1984! Not anymore.

For those who still haven't experienced their 'stock' Bullitt in the winter, don't even THINK of waiting for the first snowflake before getting some winter rubber and rims.

Happy motoring. USE YOUR BRAIN!
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Exactly! I have been driving rear wheel vehicles through the winters for years. No problems. Just be smart when you drive and realize that getting there fast isn't the correct way to do things.

I went with 17" Goodyear M+S tires. They are pretty gnarly and bit down hard on the snow and ice. I am going to grab a second set of bullitt wheels over the winter for the summer tires.

Paul G.
Hey Paul G, where exactly are you in Ontario?
SNOW!!!!! Is that the white, cold stuff I scrape out of my freezer each year right before I defrost it? Hell, that stuff is easy to drive in when I throw it on my driveway.

Just kidding....

Don't see too much of it here in central Texas, but remember the blizzards when stationed in Denver while in the USAF in 79-80. Be careful out there guys and gals, don't need any banged up Bullitts.
will say this. used "all weather ultra high performance" tires (Dunlop SP Sport 5000's) on my 99 GT and 3each 40 lb tubes of sand in the trunk during bad weather(1 tube over each wheel going front to back and 1 tube in between them at the very rear going left to right) it was OK if the snow was light but more than 4" and i got stuck every time. it did poorly in sleet and ice too! did the same thing with my 97 GT and it barely did OK in the snow and ice.
and our Bullitts are 3/4 of an inch lower than my 99 GT. it's my only car so i'm getting nervous now.
next time wait until you are in a safe enough spot and give it a little gas in 2nd with tc on and off and that will give you a good idea on the diff
Hello Marty. I had 200 lbs. of steel laying flat in the trunk of my '97 and '99 GTs (hey, I'm a steel salesman, it was an easy option for me) and this really helped keep the tail firmly planted in snow and ice.

Fortunately, I also had the superior traction of Bridgestone's famed Blizzak tires. I have yet to see or hear anyone have better results from a TRUE winter tire. And that's part of the dilemma; in my opinion, those of us that do drive our Mustangs in winter HAVE to give up a fair amount of 'performance' and go with a strictly winter-type tire. It ain't sexy, but man will it ever save your arse!

I live and drive in Toronto Canada, and for the most part, there are very few stretches of time with constant snow-covered streets. That's in part why we pay such huge taxes up get our city streets and highways cleared quickly and often. So, the remainder of the time is usually just wet slop which freezes and turns to ICE PATCHES overnight! I need the security of icy traction more than snow.

Today's tire companies have come a very long way over the past couple of years, and most offer a great combination of ice and snow traction options (depending on your needs). GO WITH TRUE WINTER TIRES AND YOU WON'T REGRET IT!

Need more info? Check out TIRE RACK's helpful website; it's filled with tests, pictures, and customer feedback. This page may help you:

Happy shopping :smile:
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Snow is on its way here in Wisconsin. I'm not the least bit concerned about the Bullitt's handling in the snow and ice, but my baby's going into storage until spring. I intend to keep her for a good long time and since we use a whole bunch of salt on the roads during the winter I don't want to take any chances. No amount of washing will get rid of all that stuff so I'll just have to be satisfied with checking in on her every week or so until the weather warms up again.
Yep, all 3 of our stangs are in hibernation right now till at least March. I keep wanting to lift up the cover to look at Bullette and R! It makes the anticipation for spring to come all the more exciting, ya know! :smile:
I've never been blessed with the kind of patience needed to have such a sweet ride as our Bullitts stored for so long.

I love this car. I NEED to drive this car every chance I get! I hate the winter salt and slop myself, but, alas, I'm not as sentimental about my cars as some of you. I KNOW that I'll be trading my Bullitt in AS SOON as I see that Mach1 shaker hood in person!! ... and then trade THAT one for the BOSS 302 that for sure awaits me in 2003.

Don't get me wrong, if I had the money I'd certainly keep every Mustang I've ever had (and will have in the future). Oh well ...

It's all good! :smile: :smile: :smile:
I can't believe you guys are driving your Bullitt's in the SNOW!! Yikes!! This is a collector's car!! Got to keep it clean! Good luck this winter, and don't damage your Bullitts!

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Jacob67, I sure am glad to hear your news. I live near Cleveland and I know the white stuuff very well. I've been a little nervous, but I feel a little better now. By the way, some years ago I visited Loveland on my way home from a trip out west. Very friendly old American style folks in that town. We went into Rusty's saddle shop. Wow, what a craftsman. Is it still there?

don't think the saddle shop made it, or at least haven't seen it. only lived in loveland for a little over 3 years.

thinking about moving back to sw missouri, housing here is very high, a house made in 1900 that needs fixed badly runs about 140K, and a new 1200 sq ft runs about 210K. could afford but not worth it to me.
No offense folks,But #1748 will only watch the snow through the garage door window. :smile: It's gonna be a long 4 months!
4 months?? we get snow from oct to as late as the end of may!!

but then again we have no humidity so the summer, once it arrives, is great
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