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Hello Folks,

Hope everyone had a great 4th of July celebration. Anyway, I was calling around today to see what else might be available to squeeze those remaining drops of performance out of our car and found out some interesting things. After speaking to three companies, all agreed that the usual bolt-on's such as the mass air meter and throttle body are a waste of money in terms of value to performance. This was from Crazy Horse, Steeda, and Kenny Brown (who by the way are selling a strut tower specifically designed for the Buliitt and they are developing a Bullitt handling package). The most significant information however came from Paul S. at Paul's High Performance. I spoke to him for a while and discovered that he was the driver of the car that went 13.66 at Atlanta. He rates the car very highly and says that he is working on a performance Bullitt package. He didn't go into the details because it's still in R&D but I gather from his enthusiasm that it will be a shocker. I asked him what he thought about the car (which he drove to Atlanta) and he said it's great and would like to get one himself were it not for his stable of existing cars. Word of the final package will be on his website when available and in various magazines (I guess MMFF and 5.0). He is a very genuine down to earth guy and I was glad that he took the time out of his very busy schedule to talk to me. Oh, he too said MAF and TB would be a waste.
I've decided to hold off on any more mods until he releases his. After reading lots of articles on what he does and knows about the 4.6L engine that besides buying my Bullitt would be one of the soundest car oriented decisions I have made for quite some time. Just food for thought though

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Yep,He be the man,when it comes to the Bullitt tune up. I am having him make up a chip for it,think I will call him about that kit,see if the chip is part of it. Oh and I am planning a trip up to Mich. in Sept. and will stop by there.

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Paul just released a fantastic revised intake for the 96 thru 98 Cobra that he developed. (See latest issue of 5.0/Super Ford for an article on his Cobra intake and chip.
Paul has some VERY strong ties with Ford Racing and is also a VERY sucessful NMRA racer. the 2001 Ford Racing catalog has 2 pages of pics of racers who "Win with Ford Racing" Paul's picture is in there. so is Barry and Roxanne Sheppard from Detroit. Barry ran our Bulitt's intake and injection in his Mod Motor 4.6 2V 2 summers ago. both Paul and Barry had input and/or knowledge of the Bullitt's developement. many of the NMRA/ModMotor racers swear by Paul and i would trust him and his knowledge over just about anyone else at this time!!!!( except maybe MI_BULLITT--hint hint) LOL


2001 Bullitt DHG #648

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