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I enjoyed this moment, so I figured I'd share it. :wink:

I was on my way home from work yesterday, stopped at a stop sign waiting for traffic to clear so I could make my left. A Chevy Tahoe passwd by, the driver had "the look" on his face, head turned to look. This wasn't just a "oh, look at that" look, it was "ooooooooooh... my GOD!!!"

Then a little Toyota full of high-school kids passed by, all of them with heads turned.

Then, one of the doctors (I work at a hospital) in his BMW pulled up behind and around me to make a right, head turned the whole time (yes, I was watching him in my mirrors).

Various heads were turned at me for the few minutes it took, but the best came from across the street. A green '99 V6 with black rocker-panel stripes came from the other side to make a right (into the lane I was waiting to turn in). Traffic from my side wasn't clear yet, but he was able to go. That guy stuck his head out the window and stared for a good 30 feet down the road, not watching where he was going! Lucky for him the stoplight at the bottom of the hill was green. He went on through it just a second after he turned back forward.

Aaaahhh... I love my car :smile:

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