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Sunday morning, cruising down the freeway (400 south for you Atlanta folks), nobody on the road. Honda civic comes along side, not really noticing at first but he squares up, floors it pulls bite, drops back, squares up, floors it...oh I get it now says I, laugh...sorry...civic tries two more times with me laughing/ignoring, so, frustrated he floors it and keeps going...oh...what the hell, he's now about 20 car lengths and peddling for all he's worth, so I drop in 4th and mash the go. Pass him like he's standing still at about 135, but soon have to stand on the brake and pull in behind another car to make an exit. As I'm exiting he catches up and is honking his horn, waving and grinning ear to ear and pointing thumbs up...I figure he just wanted to see it in action and got his thrill for the day...too funny.
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