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Well after my first outing that resulted in back-to-back 14.92's, I was anxious to get the car back to the track. This time it was not as humid, but still fairly warm. The car has felt stronger as of late and kinda hoping it might produce a little better number.

I lowered the tire pressure to 28#, but after the burnout it still felt like it wasn't gonna hook. On both run I left near idle. The first pass was as follows:

2.221 60'
9.337 @77.35 1/8
14.372 @96.29 1/4

The next run, the trap speed finally came up a little.

2.300 60'
9.392 @77.44 1/8
14.413 @97.99 1/4

this run didn't feel as good as the first, I short shifted 3rd. Traps still seem low, but #2 run came way up.

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improvement is the name of the game! That's what keeps us coming back.

You have a TON more ET reduction left in the 60ft area. Cut a 2.0-2.1 60ft, and you should be in the 13's.
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