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I would have to say the steeda timing adjuster. Set mine at 13deg. it was ok,then I set it at 17deg. what a diffrerence it made.
Told my brother to take it for a test drive (he also has a bullitt) with out telling him what I did. he came back with a large grin on his face, ok what did you do gears? Nope was my response, I just advanced the timing another 4degs. His response, I want one.
In my opinion for what its worth forget the chip. Did a chip before on my brothers car the car gained 1.5hp on the dyno. that was his old 00gt that he traded for the bullitt.
When would I add a chip when all the mods are done on the car. On 99 and up gts you have to go to a chip when adding a blower.
A real race car will need a dfi set up or when you start exceeding 450hp you will need a chip. To better cal. the computer.
Why do I need a chip for blower setup? mostly to reset the injector size on some modles and to up the voltage to the fuel pump
on others.
I hope this helps to shed some light on chips. If you going to do a chip do it on a dyno.This is my opinion.
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