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Bleeding the bleeding brakes!

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Looking for input from you all.

What brake bleeder would you recommend? I am looking at several and just cannot decide which one to get.

Such as

I read up on the Griots one and it is basically a good bottle for holding liquid and that is pretty much it.

I am leaning toward this one

What do you all use?

Thanks much
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If you have compressed air, Mityvac 6835... or with less bells, 6830.
Awesome tool and makes bleeding totally a clean procedure.
Motive all the way. Well worth the money.
I keep hearing about these and how great they are, no personal experience. For the price it almost seems like you would have to make money off it to be practical, but it's an option...
I use anyone who is able to pump the brake pedal on my command.
Same here!
I bought a similar Craftsman kit and could not get it to work properly. Ran out of time trying to figure how to get the pump to draw and hold vacuum and then reverted to the Charles and Jim method.
I've used the motive one and really liked it. Only issue is getting the correct cap for the m/c.
Use a different color fluid as well. Two of you will get it done one line at a time.
I got a Mity-Vac to bleed the brakes when I put the Goodridge SS lines on earlier this year. Didn't work worth a hoot. It was difficult to get all of the air out. What I ended up doing was pretty much what this guy did: . He pretty much sealed off the bleeder line so it couldn't suck air back in and pumped the brakes until all of the air was out. It helps if you can position the bottle so you can see when the air bubbles are all out, otherwise you end up going back and forth to check. I did each corner one time and never had to go back and rebleed. I used the German made ATE fluid. They used to have 2 different colors available so you could tell when you got to new fluid, but someone decided the blue dye isn't legal to have in brake fluid (in the US), so apparently we can't get it in the States any more.
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The two person method is great but her schedule does not always coincide with mine. SO..... it is a one man job hence the requirement for one of these systems.

Thanks much for the input all!
rubber vacuum hose and a Mason jar and a kid to pump the brake! :lol:
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