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Brad Bowling's interview on the 68 movie car

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It's been awhile since this site was posted. Thought I'd refresh it for new people. LOTS of info on the surviving 68 Fastback in the movie:
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Great throw back Vicki. No one has had contact since 2000. I have contacted Brad a couple of times to see if he had any updates on the car and he said no. From the photos we were allowed to show at the 45th of the car in the barn, if the car has not been restored it is a mess....

Those that attended got to see but unfortunately we cannot post them.
I have run the vin multiple times and it has not been registered as far as I can tell. So it appears it is still in his garage......

Given that WB put the car back to regular Mustang look, repainted the rear end, changes the mirrors out and other items it does not look the same as the movie car. This is a photo of the second owner and the car.


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1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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