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Brand Prix IQ Test...What's your brand IQ?

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I scored 10 out of 20 on the CramerSweeney Brand IQ Test? What's your score?

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I got 17 out of 20. Guess I'll have to pay more attention to Ricers!

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16 for me.

I honestly thought the beetle was the best selling car of all time, also a complete surprise to me the f150 is the second best selling...

and well, it was the slogans that caught me.
19 of 20. Ricer tagline got me...D'oh!
It took me a few time but I got a 19! Woo Hoo!!!
18. Missed the Lexus Tagline and the best selling car. Thought it was the Accord or Bug. Prettty fun test.
proud I don't much about foreign cars. I did not do very good, and I am happy
12 out of twenty
rblack4405 said:
proud I don't much about foreign cars. I did not do very good, and I am happy

Me toooooo I knew all the important auto manufactures but the imports really donot interest me at all and could care less about them.... Buy American!
got a perfect score... and if any of you missed question #12, return your mustang to the nearest Ford delaership immediately!!

13 out of 20.
tiger should get 100% on this test. :wink:
I got 15 of 20. Maybe if I didn't DVR everything and go through the commercials I would have known the tag lines for the cars.
14 out 20 for me......
16 out of 20. I should do better livin' in California
Yup, 16 for me too.
Revs and skids ..... cool!

Thanks, Vicki! Will you be going to the 45TH?
Hi Rick, no - won'b be making it to the 45th. :(
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