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Is anyone else disgusted about the amount of brake dust deposited on the front rims? Besides the fact that I hate the gloss black on the out and inside of the rim. Why does the inside of the rim need to be gloss black? I love the 2008 rims. They are a great color for hiding dirt. Why Ford didn't stay with something like that baffles me.

Sorry just needed to vent. I really can't stand having to clean my rims continually. I'm really thinking about changing to porcelain brake pads.

Thanks for listening. 馃榾

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2 things helped mitigate brake dust for me.

First, I thought about my braking habits and began concentrating on using the transmission to slow down and/or when coming to a stop instead using of of the brakes. It's a manual, use it to your advantage.

Second, I coated my wheels with high temperature tolerant ceramic coating which makes it harder for brake dust to accumulate and easier clean when it does. Many companies make ceramic and non-ceramic wheel specific coatings.

Brake dust is unavoidable but it can be minimized.

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Sadly you'll have to get used to it, my previous GT was the same and the 6G forum is full of the same complaints.
Anyway it just gives you another excuse to get away from the family for 45 minutes and fondle those wheels again

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What pads do you have now (ceramic, or metallic)?

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Those wheels are black inside for style reasons (makes everything "disappear" rather than contrast with the wheel face if it were dark gray).

These brakes work phenomenally well but have that tradeoff. I think of it as a chance to develop new detailing insight and habits while being able to stop with confidence :)

That said, ceramic brake pads will help cut down on the dust, along with the ceramic coating to help get the dust off easier when you clean as mentioned above. I haven't removed my wheels to clean the barrels every time, but I do use a wet microfiber cloth and wash off the spokes and inside the barrels as much as I can get by hand. Then I use Croftgate Tire Shine (yes, it works on the wheels as well as the tires) to bring the beautiful gloss back. I apply it with one cloth and then use another to buff the excess tire shine.

Good luck!
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