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BREAKING NEWS: Limited Edition Legend Lives Route 66 Michael Irvine Print

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Hoondog Events has commissioned Michael Irvine to create a print commemorating the Route 66 Legend Lives Run in support of Boy Republic. Michael will be completing the sketch and passing it over to us to post a sneak peek on the site in the next few weeks.

Details are as follows

A special edition print limited to 800 total prints.

First 100 prints presold will have a unique Route 66/Legend Lives remark along with your Bullitt number.

Special presale price of $125.00 until edition is released afterwards price is $150.00

There will be 20 Artist Proofs available at a Presale price of $400.00 After release price goes up to $500.00

If you are fortunate enough to have a car numbered under 800 you can request your print number to match your car number but you better order fast. :)

Regardless of whether you are doing the entire trip, a portion of it, or not at all we've all seen Michael's Bullitt work and without a doubt this will be a print worth having.

Ordering details will be on our site along with all other details shortly.

Please post here if you are interested in the presale as we're trying to keep track to ensure IMBOC members will get the perks before the print becomes available to the public. We're also trying to keep the offer exclusive to IMBOC members until mid March for the presale perks.


As part of our agreement with Michael Irvine, Hoondog is now an authorized dealer for Michael Irvine artwork. As such we will have numerous prints at the FofSM show available for purchase. Feel free to browse the site and order any of Michael's prints which we can have drop shipped or taken to show at Boys Republic. Food for thought. A portion of every print sold through Hoondog goes to Boys Republic.
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3549 ..... 549/800 to match my other irvine prints
so are we paying for these prints when we register?is there any other way of paying for them? do we get them on the tour or will they be mailed?
I will pay when its on his website..I am going to order the charger print from him at time as well
No tax?
549 for the legend tour print
1 - 5 of 77 Posts
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