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Bringing a True Blue back to life

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Hi guys, my baby has been sitting for over 2 years now and I just dropped $5000 on a deposit to start rebuilding her engine told the shop I want complete forged bottom end with around 9.5 compression, ARP everything and long tubes.

he’s trying to sell me on the idea of an on3 turbo kit, but don’t think I want to go that way.

I (currently) have another $8000 I can spend on the build and really just want a reliable supercharged car with anywhere from 500-600rwhp.

I’ve been reading on all the forums and watching all the YouTube videos I can for 4-5 months now, was thinking about coyote swap, buying a Mach/terminator, but, **** that market is on some good crack right now anyways lol

What do you guys recommend or what would you do, he gave me a quote of $6250 for what I’ve already discussed with him with labor/tuning and I’m trying to get ahold of a WAP block to use from a guy off another forum to save so weight

I’m leaning towards a kenne bell but question if the 2.1l is worth the money

Other ideas I’m contemplating are either a tork tech kit with a whipple or vmp ORa centrifugal setup either a vortech/d1sc and running meth or e85

What would you guys do? with a total budget (excluding the long block) of around $9-10k if you wanted to stay 2v and build a nasty street car?

I don’t care about all out power but I would like over 500rwhp, and reliable don’t need to run 9s or nothing like that but low-mid 11s would be ideal (don’t want a dedicated straight line car either)

I would also like to be able to grow down the line if I end up wanting more like 750 to the wheels
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