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A sight to see! I attempted to pull the build sheet from the rear of the car only to find that my hand was way too big to get it without ripping...I had three choices, 1) leave it there 2) pull, and wish for the best or 3) politely call for my wife's assistance. I opted for 3! She comes out and I make the most unusual request for her to slide under the car to pull "a sheet of paper" out. After wondering what a "sheet of paper" would be doing under her bumper, she shook her head, smiled and went for it. A perfect fit, her hand slid right up into the top of the bumper and she carefully wiggled it back and forth. In the meantime, our 7-year old daughter comes out of the house and notices all of the commotion. She looks at me and asks "what's mom doing under the car?" A million things (most of which were extremely funny)ran through my head..but I simply replied, "Mom's looking for something." My wife is now starting to get excited..."I think I have it"...I root her on..."you can do it hon', you can do it"! All of a sudden I hear "I have it"...she slides from under Bullitt #4930 and hands me the sheet, in perfect condition. A major hug and kiss took place and off she went back into the house. I have the most awesome wife! I'll now add the build sheet to the Bullitt's file and start looking for ID Sticker #2. At least I know I can always ask my wife for assistance again! (Per the build sheet, Bullitt #4930 was born on 6 Aug 01)
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