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I am posting for a friend and fellow bullitthead

The car is an 01 Mustang Bullitt, number 5295. It currently has 51,0XX on the clock, with something like 30k on the motor. I'm the second owner of the car. I am wanting to sell the car because I am ready to move on and either get a vette or go back to a fox body. At the moment, the transmission that is in the car has a hurt 3rd and 4th gear. They still work, but it's time for something different. When i bought the car, the fastest it had gone was 12.7 @ 107 with a 1.60 60'. On that tune, the car was hitting a brick wall at 6,000rpm and the tune was wayyyyyy off. After a few days of tuning, the car made noticeably more power and pulled clear to 6,800 flawlessly. On the tune the car had when I bought it, it made 301hp and 304tq at the wheels. I couldn't tell you what the car makes now, but it definitely picked up a good bit with the tuning. Here is what is done to the car...

Patriot Stage II Heads
AFM Cams
Bullitt Intake
AFM Power Pipe

BBK Tuned Shorties
BBK O/R X-Pipe
Magnaflow Mufflers

Stock 3650
Steeda tri-ax shifter
Stock Clutch

Rear End-
Stock 8.8
4.30 FMS Gears
CHE Axle Brace
3" Axle Studs

255lh Pump
30lb Injectors

'04+ Version AFM PMS
AEM UEGO Wideband

Eibach Sportline Springs
Lakewood 70-30 Front Shocks
Lakewood 50-50 Rear Shocks

Wheels and Tires-
Pretty Wheels-
18x9 & 18x10 Deep Dish Bullitts
245/40/18 & 295/35/18 Falken Tires

Business Wheels-
15x3.5 @ 15x8 Bart & American Racing Wheels
Fronts were machined to clear the 13" brakes without a spacer
Hoosier 26x4.5x15 Drag fronts
26x11.5x15 MT ET Street Rears

Flat Black Hood Scoop
Tinted Tails
Mach 1 Chin Spoiler
Mach 1 Grill Delete
Tinted Windows
Shorty Antenna
Bi-Xenon 6000k HID's

Billet Headlight Knob... it really tied that room together.

Well, that's all I can think of at the moment. The car has been garage kept its whole life, spent a good bit of it under a car cover. I have quite a bit of extras that can go with the car for an extra price obviously. With everything I have for the car plus a working transmission and clutch, it would be a mid-low 11 second car. I am sure there is some stuff I am forgetting, Im not very good at this stuff. If anything comes to mind, I will update the thread and add it in there. Well, enough of me rambling on, I'll let the pictures do the talking.

I will get some pictures of the interior ASAP. As the car sits I am asking 16k OBO, message me if you are interested. Also, car is located in Wichita, Kansas.

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Oh man, I remember when I first became a member here, I saw that car in a thread and just couldn't stop staring. That thing is beautiful, Best of luck to your buddy in selling it!

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MustangMarkus said:
Isn't that MyLittlePony's car? I remember the fire extinguisher incident:

but yes, pretty car.
yes markus its zac mylittlepwny's car. the car is absolutely beautiful in and out and he takes care of it but it looks like hes buying a fox coupe and getting rid of this. if i could id sell 240 and buy this one

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kaylan1521 said:
mid to low 11's N/A :lol: Here we go again. Might want to change that in case the buyer thinks he's getting a 600 hp low 11 second car and can only run mid 12's with it.

12.7 to low 11's = a lot more hp

Car looks good though.
I's gots to agree with Paul on this one.

To run 11's without a power adder (or WITH one for that matter) is no small feat.
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