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Bullitt Birthday today

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Ahh yes, tempest fuget, Picked up 0667 1 year ago today after ordering in Nov. on 1st order day. It was nice for me because the NY Giants had just won the superbowl night before. The 2 events will always be linked for me. So HAPPY BIRTHDAY 0667. To bad the tires are frozen in the ice so I cant celebrate today. Charlie
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Wahoo! Congrats!

Now the real question is, what do you get her for her b-day? :D
B Birthday present?

I am thinking Koni's might be a good choice, Sound right? Charlie
I think that's a very wise choice. Any springs to go along with them?
Hmm I have stock wheel & tire, what springs would work?
originally posted by Cisco:

Hmm I have stock wheel & tire, what springs would work?
here is one answer... i liked the stock springs ok, and i like the vogtland gt500 balancing springs even better.

here is the best answer... call sam strano. he will figure out what you are looking to achieve and let you know which springs/dampers will provide you with the characteristics you want.
That sounds good, I'll make the call. thanks Charlie
Dealer quoted me $344 to install 4 koni's on the bullitt. Does that sound like a good price these days?
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